Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Michelle Williams did herself proud. Other than having an obvious resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, with her gorgeous curves and charm, Williams adopted Monroe's characteristics in a way that possibly no other actress could. She clearly was dedicated to the role, obvious hard work was shown through all behavior, from the way she walked to her delicate slight smile. Do we want to see more of Williams portrayal of Marilyn? Hellll yessssss :)
(late post!!, need to get on here more! )

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A lil bit of halloween...

Some people seriously got into thise year. It's not every year I dress up but this year some effort ewas put it and I'd have to admit, getting ready was the best bit!
A common style occured throughout the night, black dresses and tops as well as fake blood and back combed hair. Always a winner. Stick your red horns on and you have halloween sorted.
We headed off to boogie lounge where well, my outfit was put to shame. You had the black swan from the swan... amazing!
All in all a good night, can't wait til next time...
This is my first post and I honestly don't know what to write as I am very new with this but I'll give it a go... This blog will mainly be about fashion, styling and so on but I'll throw it some random stuffs as well, gotta keep you interested! To start off, here's a little clip of an H&M/Elle event night which took place on the 19th of October. The night began with a range of reshments followed by a speech from the executive editor of Elle magazine, a lovely lady I might add, then finished with a little bit of shopping (20% off for those who went yaaayy). Not the mostt eventful evening but certainly informative, a free goodie bag helps!