Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Lion King

Okay, you're all probably rather annoyed with me starting almost every blog post with an apology of how useless I've been but in all honestly I've been terribly busy and will get back in the swing of things soon. However, I'm sure you'll agree that it's needed this time since it has been over two weeks since my last post. Shameful. Hopefully this post will be worth the wait.

Today I'd like to write about one rather exciting event that I would most definitely experience again and again. You see, I was a very lucky girl a couple of weeks ago since the boyfriend decided to surprise me. I knew absolutely nothing for weeks. I generally adore surprises, as long as they're good obviously and even though the boyfriend has never failed to disappoint me before, I couldn't help but feel a pack of nerves settling in.

Thankfully, after walking for what felt like ages, especially in my Russell and Bromely heels, I took a sharp turn in London town and felt nothing but instant excitement. Written in yellow were the words 'The Lion King'. I don't mean to sound overly dramatic but I can't help but build up such a brilliant performance. 

I managed to snap the picture above at the beginning of the show until a member of staff flashed a torch in my face, woops. It's true, this being on of my favourite Disney films, I had expectations but from this moment on, until I left the Lyceum Theatre, I was grasped. I haven't met one person that's criticized this performance and I think most people would agree when I ask, why would you? 

I think I might stop there since I don't want to build your expectations too high and then have everyone blaming me fore being highly disappointed. But by all means, go see it!

Having not a clue what my surprise was I decided to dress up for the occasion which, even though there was mainly kids in jeans and trainers, I don't regret. I threw on my lace turquoise dress from Jane Norman and My dark boots from Russell and Bromely. Not a bad combination.   

Remember to keep checking for posts. One about Paris coming soon. 

 Lyceum Theatre
The Lion King


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Summer's on it's way. D&G Inspiration.

Despite the awful weather that keeps surrounding the different parts of England and the fact that it has no intention of leaving, it is certainly not ruining my excitement for the summer which, I hope, is arriving soon. Even if the sun doesn't make a good enough appearance in this country, I'm positive I'll be satisfied with the rays, most likely burning me, on my delightful holiday in the tropical country Turkey. With this in mind, it came to my awareness that the majority of my wardrobe is filled with dull coloured garments which I'm not prepared to wear along the boiling streets of Marmaris. I am now on the hunt for some striking coloured clothing to brighten up this wardrobe of mine.
 First item on my list are these funky little Ray Bans from ASOS. I've never been a great fan of patterned sunglasses, I like to keep it simple. However, if I decide to wear an item of my not so florescent clothes then these brilliant sunnies will certainly spark give the outfit a bit of spark. They are indeed out of my price range costing £140 yet, I'm sure I can find a knock-off pair at a Turkish market. No one will ever know.  

Even though they look like they could break my neck as soon as I take one step in them, I'm pretty sure they'll be worth the pain. Animal print is the one pattern I can't get enough of and the one thing I need more of. I think I'll start collecting more of this popular print starting with this pair from River Island.

Flicking through different designer's collections for Spring/Summer 2012, it seems as if D&G's final collection has inspired me. Their last designs consist of nothing but vivid, bright garments that everyone was impressed by. Don't get me wrong, I would never wear something just because it's on trend at the time. However it seems my recently bought printed play suit from TK Max will be well received in the world of fashion this summer.

Keep looking for updates on here. I'm off to Paris soon so make sure you read up on all my adventures there.

River Island