Thursday, 15 March 2012

Searching high and low for a Student House

   Emily Arabadjian, Rebecca Elizabeth and I were strolling along Epsom high-street yesterday searching in every letting agency and calling everyone we knew to see if anything was available. A massive NO is the only answer we got. The one time we're organised and we get absolute zilch.
  However, this does not destroy my excitement for hunting for a new home and finding a room which I can make my own. This will be done by sticking photos and other visual memories everywhere but most of all finding the prettiest furnishings around. I may not be able to afford these products but there's no harm in looking now is there? 
I shall start off with my bedroom which is going to resemble something quite like this...

 With a fancy purple lamp to match...
and because I just can't get enough of the colour, a set of purple tumbler's for the kitchen...

  To finish off, a packed walk in closet would do me quite nicely, especially one resembling Eva Longoria's here. 
  Of course, being a student I'll be looking at something very far away from this ideal living space but if anyone out there is feeling generous, don't hesitate to help me out. 

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Monday, 12 March 2012

Styling Project - Grunge

  Just a quick little post about my recent university project. We had to work in partners for this particular one and I do agree that it is risky to work with friends but Christopher Peacock and I made it look rather easy. 
  We instantly had similar ideas such as urban, street and heroin chic yet, we agreed on doing the current trend of grunge which can be seen on Christopher Kane's A/W 2012 collection, with Kane's use of black leather piping and his lack of make-up which matched the plain styling of the model's straight hair. We were inspired by his whole effortless grunge. 
   Rummaging through my wardrobe and high-street stores we eventually pieced together the typical 90s clothing and this is what we came up with...

The top two photographs are my favourite with the outfit consisting of a cropped grey top, casually showing off an old piercing scar, with the words 'Raising hell in the 90's' printed across, a typical grunge item from Topshop. This was completed with light blue jeans from River Island and my black Doc Marten boots. 

All in all, after a few stresses here and there, we managed to finish our project and picked up a few styling skills along the way. 
Photographer: Christopher Peacock

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The story behind the boots

    Walking along the streets of London town, Oxford Street to be specific, Rebecca-Elizabeth and I thought we'd browse through a shop that I have actually never been to and to be perfectly honest after this little trip I can't think why. As said previously, I've never been one to shop constantly and I swear I had no intention of buying anything, especially being a student. However, since Rebecca-Elizabeth, the darling that she is, kept flattering me with her compliments such as, 'They look so good on you!' and my mother gave me the okay, I gave in and bought these lovely little shoes...
   Russell and Bromley was the place where I just had to give into temptation and buy quite possibly the best pair of boots I've owned. 
   Originally, Rebecca-Elizabeth wanted me to model her light blue denim shirt along with dark blue denim shorts yet, when the boots came along we just had to add them in. So the mini-photoshoot began with the delightful lady polishing me up by curling my hair and applying the make-up. She may deny it yet it is clear to see that Rebecca-Elizabeth knows her way around a camera and has picked up some styling skills, she is doing Fashion Journalism after all. 

I do feel 'the boots' were very much worth all the fuss and certainly worth the sale price of just £79. They spice up a casual outfit during the day and go perfectly well with evening wear as seen on my previous post. 

A special thanks to Rebecca-Elizabeth for her styling skills and photogrpahy. 
She's also a pretty good friend to have ;)
Check out her blog yeah?