Saturday, 28 July 2012


So the sporting games have arrived and today kicks off with the Cycling road race, Men's Gymnastics Beach volleyball and various other events. Even though the games themselves are the most important events of the next couple weeks and as much as I, and a good majority of people I know, love to watch the rather attractive athletes competing, I have to say the parts that stood out for me the most was the unique lead up to the Olympic games. 

One of the innovative ways this country lead up to the exciting games was the not only amazing to see but also highly inspirational to some. This was of course the Olympic torch relay which was carried by many people including a few role models, one of which had an appearance in this blog of mine. Hayley Rea, one of the winners of the Spirit of London awards, carried one of the flamed torches through Wandsworth. 

I will admit I haven't been one to rave about Olympics and to be honest it wasn't until this week that I actually started looking forward to the games yet, it did feel pretty good to be part of the positive atmosphere surrounding the torch. I was definitely impressed when the torch brightened up the not so popular town of Thornton Heath. If you know the area, you can imagine how surprised I was to see so many  smiling faces.   

The torch-bearer entered Whitehorse Lane...

Here the torch-bearer seemed rather overwhelmed...suppose anyone would be with a hundred cameras in their face. 

To finish off, here's a short clip of the torch.  Enough words now, enjoy :) 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

First Stop - Paris

It doesn't take much to please me, so going to a place that gives me more than I could ask for well, that's just fantastic.
Besides expecting the obvious scenery and architecture, I decided to arrive with an open mind, not in fear that I would be disappointed, after all it was Paris.

It was a while ago since I stepped foot into the land of France but that's not to say the memory has faded. The incredible scenery and quaint architecture is something that I think most people would remember and certainly a destination worth visiting more than once. 

Even though the university I attend cancelled our original trip I was highly grateful when they replaced it with a trip to what's known as 'The fashion capital of the world'. Baring this is mind it was inevitable that something educational was involved. However, to some the word 'educational' may imply something tedious, but not for me. A Marc Jacobs exhibition, the educational aspect of the trip, was one of the highlights and certainly something worth seeing.   

 After travelling for a good couple of hours at five in the morning, it was obvious that not many of us were not in the best of moods to be walking around, however, it certainly had to be seen. I will admit, I was slightly disappointed, not with the exhibition itself, but the fact that there should of been much more of it. By all means I'd recommend anyone to see the work of Louis Vuitton presented in such a unique way, but anyone would agree that it was over too quickly. 

The next stop of the day was checking out where we would stay for the night. St Christopher's Inn was the hostel and to be honest it wasn't a place for all. For some, they were happy it was just a one night thing, it being rather basic and slightly grim. Of course, for a typical traveller it probably wouldn't have been half bad, especially with it being filled with plenty of other people to meet. When you're there to just to put your head down after a busy day of sight-seeing, it's not half bad...

... especially with a view like this just outside. 

After a well deserved nap and a couple of hours of getting ready I was eager to see the city. So Rebecca- Elizabeth, Megan Layland, Georgia Mallia and I set off on the Metro to visit L'arc de Triomphe. It's a pity we didn't get very close or even climb up it but it was still truly speculator, especially with the sun setting right behind it. Enough rambling, the picture speaks for itself.  

Felt very small here...


The next day we had just enough time to make one final stop in the city before we jumped back on the Eurostar.  As we stepped out of the Metro station in gorgeous sunshine weather we hovered about for a second thinking, 'where the hell is it?'. It wasn't until we decided to walk down the street slightly and turn the corner and finally we were there. In front of us was the breathtaking Eiffel Tower. Again the pictures say it all, yet I would encourage anyone that hasn't seen this beautiful city to
 go, right now, and see it. Nothings better than seeing the real thing. 

By all means I had a great time and even though this was my first time visiting, it certainly wasn't the last. 

Look out for my next blog about my adventures in Turkey :) 

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