Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Second Stop: Turkey

This was supposed to be posted months ago. I have been ridiculous. I can't promise I'll keep posting everyday but certainly not months apart again. Naughty me. Anyway with all the free time ahead, it's time to get back into the swing of things. 

You're probably not going to remember this but I realised I've mentioned my holiday in previous posts and I understand that some have, hopefully, been waiting in anticipation for it. Most likely some of you have had sleepless nights and just couldn't wait any longer for this post. Well, the wait is over. It's here.  

June 2012 was the month that my friends and I decided we were done with the miserable English weather and ready for the scorching hot sun. It being my third time here, I knew pretty much what to expect. The sticky climate, the typical English food and of course the overly nice men. Having said that, there were certainly more positive than negative of this particular holiday. I certainly can't think it's that bad it being my third visit to the European land of Turkey. 

It was time for me and my friends to relive our summers as children. So, first things first, we jumped in. It's always nice to feel young again.

The pool would have to be the highlight of the hotel, despite it's name it wasn't exactly The Hilton. Although, on a girls holiday all you need is a bed to sleep in after a night out and Epic Hotel was our destination. The name sold it to us. 

Walking along the streets of Turkey and taking in the warm evenings, my friends and I came across a number of delights. 

It being a girls holiday with daily activities of drinking, eating and more drinking, we found that soaking up the culture meant petting these gorgeous animals on our way to bar street. 

Being a huge animal lover myself it certainly set a good vibe before the drinks started coming in. 
We learnt a lot. 

Among other activities, most lunch times we took a break from lying in the sun and delved into a bit of gambling. It wasn't quite 5 star casinos in Vegas but the thrill was certainly there. Preparing for old age, we played bingo, it may not appeal to all but once you get that buzz of winning there's no stopping.

As you can see by our reactions here, certain drinks were rather vile. Of course when they're free, as students we couldn't really say no. 

And here's the blue gooey drink that caused our foul faces. 

From what I remember, it was a pretty good holiday. Forgetting the dramas and hangovers it's almost a year on and we're still joking about it. That's got to be a good sign. 

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